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We Mail Our Vegan Chocolates Across The Whole Of TheUnited Kingdom Wales Scotland & Northern Ireland

The Perfect Treat For All  Occasions & Reasons
So Good..So Delicious Chocolate Cups & Choc Truffles 

LGBT  Rainbow Marzipan Chocolate Truffles

Marzipan Cherry Brandy Choc Truffles

Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Hearts 

Luxury Fruit And Nut Chocolate Cups

Real Rum And Raisin Chocolate Truffles

Passionate About Marzipan 

Marzipan & Cranberry Chocolate Truffles

Marzipan With Smooth Chocolate Truffle

Delicious Chocolate Cups & Hearts Galore

All Occasion Chocolate Selection Gift Box

Minty Mint Choc Truffles & Marzipan Mint Log

East Riding Of Yorkshire
United kingdom

Or send text to: 07952824971

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