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      Ethical Higher Consciousness Living                       
"It's Always Our Pleasure To Serve"

We are a growing and dynamic heart-centered vegan chocolate company based on love, value, creativity and contribution 

Passionate, positive and caring..
Our hand-crafted quality chocolates and customer service is both appreciated and loved by thousands of vegans across the whole of the United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

We make in small batches and to order so, all of our hand-crafted vegan chocolates always arrive to your door fresh and at their very best

Our team of highly qualified confectioners care deeply about bringing you the very best of vegan products, and we are all Passionate about animals, the planet and making a difference

Thank you for supporting Vegan Good Life UK

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Human beings can live and be healthy without killing and enslaving animals. One who eats animal flesh participates in taking life merely for the sake of appetite" The kindest thing you can do for animals is to refuse to eat them!

Health and well-being from a heart centered perspective, mind body and spirit are important to us, as are the animals, the planet and making a difference. 
I cannot thank you enough for caring about the message that we are all trying to give the world.  There is no greater gift than to give yourself the gift of health and well-being and to know that you are not contributing to the cruelty and untold suffering of the beautiful creatures that we share this planet with

There are many reasons why one should give up all animal products and eat a vegan plant-based diet,  It's better for your health in every way, it's better for the animals, it's better for the environment, it's really a win, win situation for everyone!

We work tirelessly in taking action against the cruelty to animals where ever it occurs in the world and promoting the vegan lifestyle

To live without a vision is to live without a purpose. It is not so much the length of life but the depth of life lived with enthusiasm and passion to make a difference

Vegan Good Life was born out of deep love and a desire to help as many animals around the world as possible to stop their abuse and slaughter. We are ethically and passionately driven to make a difference for animals, people and the planet.  
GO VEGAN Choosing to buy animal friendly products benefits everything everywhere

My own personal story and journey to becoming vegan was a work in progress, conscience versus social programming. 

Long before hearing and learning about the huge health benefits of a vegan lifestyle, it was the witnessing of horrific cruelty to animals across a vast spectrum that brought about my switch to an all vegan diet. I knew deep down it was the right thing to do giving up eating animals and wearing fashion clothing, accessories made from leather, 
wool and cosmetics, perfumes that animals are used, tested on and horrifically exploited and murdered for...the list goes on.. 

History, religion, social, cultural programming passed on from generation to generation is the main reason exploitation of animals continues across the globe. We are harming this planet and in the process harming ourselves! We must start taking a deeper look into our own habits and beliefs if we want a better world for ourselves, our children, the animals, the oceans and all life on this beautiful blue planet 

A worldwide vegan movement is underway and when we all come together, this dreadful horror house of slaughter and injustice will be dramatically reduced and eventually faded out from the mainstream.  It will no longer be considered 'Vogue' to eat animal flesh or wear clothing and other items made from them.  
Chefs of the future will be vegan and producing menu wonders that replace the current flow of animal slaughter, bloodshed and suffering for their dishes and the same holds true for the fashion and beauty industry.
The planet will begin to heal and human beings will become healthier in mind, body and spirit and truly start evolving for the better. We will have more love and less hate around the world.

Stand up for animals and do what is RIGHT !

What does 'Love and Compassion' really mean if we don't extend it to include other creatures on the planet? They are not separate from you, and you are not separate from them.. everything in the universe is connected

To all the vegan's reading this, I salute you and thank you from the depths of my heart.  To those who do feel and care but, have yet to make the connection and commitment, please try to keep the awareness that an animals life is just as precious as your own. Animals feel fear and pain and desire comfort and love just like you do 

REMEMBER: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Martin Luther King Jr